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Sleeper Stoolzzz have been very popular, as they are a nice piece of furniture that doesn’t take up much space but enables any room to be used as a spare room.  Sleeper Stoolzzz have good quality seat foam, so when not in use as a bed, it could be used as a 2 or 3 person seat.

Sleeper Stoolzzz are made to order from a choice of over 500 Fabrics.


Step 1 The Sleeper Stoolzzz shown in this example is a Single.
Step 2
Bed Type Bed Size (mm) Box Size (mm)  
Single 930 x 1830 1200 x 720 x 440  
Double 1330 x 1830 1600 x 720 x 440  
Queen 1530 x 1830 1800 x 720 x 440  
Step 3


ask about  our sleeper stoolz  with an inner sprung mattress.....

Single Inner Sprung Sleeper Stoolzzzz

in Warwick Par Avion

Double, displayed in Warwick Wasabi Summertime and Baxter Summertime



Queen Size Bi-Fold Lid Sleeper Stoolzzz, displayed in a Warwick fabric chosen from our Showroom


The bed action works in the same way as that of a normal sofa bed, so the setting up and storing away of the bed is very simple and only takes a few seconds.  Underneath the mattress is a trampoline style base, which is very comfortable.  It does not have any bars that will stick into your back.  There is a wide range of quality fabrics available, so Sleeper Stoolzzz can be made to suit any décor and to match the furniture you have.

Queen Size version, has wooden slats underneath the trampoline base, to prevent sagging into the middle.

Displayed here with the Queen Size Sleeper Stoolzzz is a matching storage box - fabric Chocolate Suede.


Other examples of Sleeper Stoolzzz....


Bi-Fold Lid Sleeper Stoolzzz with Inner Spring Mattress in Profile Lunar Shadow

Queen Size Bi-Fold Lid Sleeper Stoolzzz, displayed in a Warwick fabric chosen from our Showroom

Double with Chrome feet, displayed in Ashcroft Pink.


Single, displayed in Warwick Moma Multi.


Queen Size.  Fabric chosen from Warwick showroom.


Double with button lid and square chrome feet, displayed in Warwick Nightlife Scarlet  

Single displayed in Warwick Nightlife Mist


Single displayed in Chateux Onyx/Ardo Onyx  

Double displayed in Bahati Natural

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